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Tyndall Galleries

LYNN BOGGESS, Spring Solo Exhibition -

New Oil Paintings of the North Carolina Coast
and Mountains of the Artist's Native West Virginia

April 21 - May 28

The impasto landscape paintings of Lynn Boggess are instantly recognizable and draw a passionate following. Their unique and unmistakable qualities go beyond Boggess' textured and vivid depiction of landscape, delving into an understanding of the existential backbone of abstract expressionism.

Preview the show on our Artists pages under Lynn Boggess.


The University of North Carolina Collective Memory Series

April 28 - May 28

The richly conceived composite images that shape Catharine Carter's photo-based artwork are at once playful, fantastical and serious. This series casts a new light on the powerful, symbolic imagery of the UNC campus, culminating in beautiful, thought-provoking photomontage of its most beloved historical landmarks - the Old Well, the Bell Tower, Wilson Library, Memorial Hall, and Hill Hall.

Preview the series on our Artists pages under Catharine Carter.

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Other times by appointment

University Place (formerly University Mall)
201 S. Estes Drive
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514

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