Lynn Boggess



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The impasto landscape paintings of Lynn Boggess are instantly recognizable and draw a passionate following from art lovers and collectors alike. Their unique and unmistakable qualities go beyond Boggess’ textured and vivid depiction of landscape, delving instead into an understanding of the existential backbone of abstract expressionism.

“When you start off with chance and accident, you’re starting off with an existential view of art and the world. I negotiate with the medium and my observations within these scenes. It’s a give-and-take with the painting. It’s not a photograph; it’s an emotional response, a cognitive negotiation at the edge of that emotion.”

- Lynn Boggess, American Art Collector Magazine, May 2016

Boggess begins each work in reference to the German Existentialist painter Gerhard Richter, allowing chance and accident to influence his paint and inform his process. Boggess uses his cement trowels, as Richter uses his unorthodox tools, to layer and interact with paint in innovative ways which surpass composition. “Where he stops is where I started,” Boggess says. Boggess moves beyond this abstraction in his final works by painting en plein air and allowing the uplifting spirit and light of Nature to sustain itself within his abstract process. In the end, each of Boggess’ landscapes exemplify his contemporary sensibility, influenced not only by his surroundings but by the nature of painting itself.                              

Lynn Boggess grew up on a farm near Parkersburg, West Virginia. He received a BA in Art Education from Fairmont State College and an MFA in Painting from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. He was a Professor of Art at Fairmont State College from 1990 to 2007. He has been honored with several prestigious awards in West Virginia, including the Higher Education Art Educator of the Year in 2001, Visual Artist of the Year in 1999, and the Governor’s Award of Excellence in Painting in 1997.  His landscapes have been acquired by both public and private collectors, nationally and internationally, including the West Virginia Governor’s Mansion, the Umstead Hotel, SAS Institute and Eisai, Inc.