Gayle Stott Lowry - ""A BEACON OF LIGHT"" Gayle Stott Lowry - ""LOOKING BACK"" Gayle Stott Lowry - ""CHOOSING MY PATH"" Gayle Stott Lowry - """RESISTING GRAVITY""" Gayle Stott Lowry - ""GIVE ME TIME, GIVE ME SPACE"" Gayle Stott Lowry - ""MIGRATIONS"" Gayle Stott Lowry - ""FLEETING"" Gayle Stott Lowry - """NAVIGATING THE EDGES"""
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Departures and Arrivals; new paintings from Lowry's recent trip hiking in England to experience and paint the land of her ancesters who immigrated to America. Also new paintings in response to today's immigrant crisis.

July 21 - September 3, 2016

Raleigh's Gayle Stott Lowry is a fine painter of landscapes and architecture whose pictorial realism glimmers with intimations of abstraction. Her new show at Tyndall Galleries showcases work from Lowry's recent travels in England, where her mind turned to the timely topic of the plight of refugees as she researched her ancestors' journey to the United States more than three hundred years ago. The context gives the works a lonesome patina - a misty valley, more than a view to behold, becomes a challenge to traverse.
Brian Howe, Indy Weekly, 07/20/16

As Lowry and I moved around the gallery we came to a wall of small paintings filled with stories. There are a sea of tents and a single figure at the edge of the painting; men walking across a railroad crossing; people moving away from the water on a beach; a figure sitting in a cell; an apartment block bombed out to such an extent even the canvas is gouged. She explained, "I had finished all the English scenes and the convention [The Republican convention] had filled me with such frustration, such fear and such anger I had to vent it in some way so I gathered up some images from the web and magazines and began to paint and collage a few elements to the canvases ... In a way they bring my work up-to-date. They complete the paragraph."
Blue Greenberg, Arts, The Herald-Sun, Sunday, July 21, 2016

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